These Robot Mops Will Do The Hard Work For You

These Robot Mops Will Do The Hard Work For You
Image: iRobot
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We don’t know anyone who actually enjoys mopping the floor — especially when it comes to the grubbier places like the bathroom and kitchen. Lugging around buckets of water and a dirty mop while scrubbing the floors is truly an arduous task. But what if there was a little helper to do it for you? Enter the robot mop.

Similar to the robot vacuums we’ve been raving about recently, robot mops can help keep your home spick and span between deep cleans. There are three types of robot mops — wet mops, dry-sweep and mop combo; mop and vacuum combo. Wet mops spray water onto the floor in front of them while moving around to help remove dirt and grime before mopping up the liquid. Dry-sweep and mop combos sweep the floors before moving into mopping mode with damp disposable or reusable microfiber pads. And mop and vacuum combos do exactly what they say on the lid — vacuum then mop.

They also offer similar functional features as robo vacuums, including using sensors to map out your house and in-app scheduling. The accompanying apps also make it a breeze to set up and maintaining them couldn’t be easier —think of charging, filling and emptying the water tank, and removing or replacing the cleaning pads. If you’ve got timber floorboards, be sure to check that the robot mop is safe to use on the floor to avoid any scratches or marks.

The Best Robot Mops

iRobot B380000 Braava 380t, $529

robot mop

Maintaining gleaming hard floors is made easy with the help of the Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot. It uses smart navigation to map out and track where it’s been and where it needs to go. You can choose from either a dry sweep or damp mop mode for a clean that suits your home’s needs. The Braava works great on all hard-surface floors and is specifically designed to fit under most furniture.

You can buy the iRobot B380000 Braava 380t ($529) from Amazon here.

iRobot Braava Jet 240, $564

robot mop

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 Floor Mopping Robot features a vibrating cleaning head and a precision jet spray to help keep your hard floors looking spotless. The Braava mops and cleans quickly and efficiently to let you focus on other tasks you may have at hand and can get into all those hard to reach places like around the toilet and under furniture.

You can buy the iRobot Braava Jet 240 ($564) from Amazon here.

iRobot Braava Jet M6 was $857.20, now $701.81

These Robot Mops Will Do The Hard Work For You

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 Robot Mop is your new automatic cleaning companion that learns, maps, and adapts to your room’s dimensions. Driven by smart sensors, it’s really easy to use. You simply attach a wet mopping pad or a dry sweeping pad and let the Braava Jet M6 do its thing.

You can buy the iRobot Braava Jet M6 (now $701.81) from Amazon here.

ILIFE Shinebot, $611

These Robot Mops Will Do The Hard Work For You

The ILife Shinebot sprays the hard floor with clean water to help soften stains before scrubbing the hard floor with a microfiber roller. It then removes dirty water with its superior suction power and wipes off the residue with a rubber scraper, leaving the hard floors spotlessly clean.

You can buy the ILIFE Shinebot ($611) from Amazon here.

If you’re interested in purchasing a robot vacuum and mop combo, you can find our full roundup here.

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