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How To Properly Care For Cast Iron

Cast iron is a favourite tool for serious home cooks. But what most people find really serious is the proper way to maintain their heavy metal cookware. Some people swear that soap is the enemy of a properly seasoned pan. Others hold firm that the correct method for seasoning a…

Rescue Your Cast Iron From Rust With Vinegar

Rescue Your Cast Iron From Rust With Vinegar

Cast iron skillets are great for everything from breakfast to baking, but the downside is that they do require a little more maintenance than your average pot or pan. We’ve discussed several ways to season cast iron here at Lifehacker, but what if your roomie let your cast iron soak…

Care For Your Cast Iron With A Mister Bottle 

Applying a thin coat of oil to your cast iron after cleaning is an essential step to keeping it pretty and functional. There’s nothing wrong with pouring it straight from the bottle, but you can over-pour and, if you don’t fully wipe up the excess, end up with sticky residue.