From Squid Game to Money Heist, These Netflix Titles Make the Best Halloween Costumes

From Squid Game to Money Heist, These Netflix Titles Make the Best Halloween Costumes

In some truly frightening news, Halloween is only a few weeks away. This means if you’re planning on donning a costume for October 31, it’s time to get moving. Thankfully, there’s no lack of inspiration on TV these days and some of the best Halloween costumes can be taken from Netflix characters.

Netflix knows this and is actually in the process of setting up a new line of merch in the U.S. based on its original series, but really it should be opening a costume store as well.

Whether you want to spend the money on a licensed costume or are just looking for an easy Halloween outfit, here are some of the best costume ideas from Netflix shows.

Netflix Halloween Costumes

Squid Game

squid game halloween costume netflix
Image: Netflix

Squid Game will undoubtedly be the most popular costume at Halloween this year – and with good reason. The outfits are memorable and relatively easy to pull off.

The costumes are already so popular it’s caused a spike in the sale of white Vans, so if you’re hoping to pull off the Squid Game look you’ll either need to get in quick or get creative.

Basically, all you’ll need to dress up as a contestant is a teal or green tracksuit, a white shirt and those elusive white Vans.

Alternatively, you could go the guard route and find a bright pink jumpsuit, or you can probably get away with a pink tracksuit and hoodie. The face mask is a bit harder, but if you can find a fencing mask and paint a square, circle or triangle on it, you’re good to go.

The Umbrella Academy

umbrella academy netflix halloween
Image: Netflix

You’ve got a whole lot of costume options when it comes to The Umbrella Academy.

The classic look to take would be the Umbrella Academy uniform we see Number Five wear for most of the series. This basically consists of a red-trimmed blazer paired with shorts or a skirt and an eye mask.

Individual characters are also an option, and when it comes to that you can’t go past Klaus as a cult leader.

Image: Netflix

Or you could get ahead of the season 3 hype and dress up as a member of the Sparrow Academy.

Stranger Things

stranger things halloween netflix
Image: Netflix

Stranger Things Halloween costumes aren’t exactly new, but they’ll never get old.

Short of donning any ’80s attire, the most iconic outfit from Stranger Things is the ‘Eleven in a pink dress with a box of Eggos’ look. If you can pair that with Hopper in his police uniform, you’ve got a great group outfit going.

Another season 3 favourite is the Scoops Ahoy uniform that Steve and Robin wear, which plenty of retailers rushed to emulate.

Bird Box

bird box halloween netflix
Image: Netflix

If you just can’t be bothered to splurge on a fancy costume this Halloween, Netflix’s Bird Box is one of the easiest options out there.

All you’ll need is a blindfold, although preferably one you can still see through, and you can pretend to be a character living in a monster-filled world.

Money Heist

Image: Netflix

Like Squid Game, Money Heist has some pretty significant looks going on, all of which make for some great Halloween choices. Play your cards right and you might be able to find an outfit that works as both a Squid Game guard and a Money Heist character.

The first thing to look out for is those slick, red hooded jumpsuits the team wear. The most important highlight is the mask, which looks like a strange cross between Mr Robot and Guy Fawkes. Plenty of costume shops are selling replicas nowadays.

You can also go the extra mile and top it with a duffel bag full of fake money.

If none of these costumes have grabbed you, just take a scroll through the Netflix homepage and you’re sure to be inspired in time for Halloween.