Boil Up Your Best Brew Yet With One Of These Smart Kettles

Boil Up Your Best Brew Yet With One Of These Smart Kettles
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There’s nothing better than a soothing cup of tea in the afternoon (or any time of day really). Given that we’re living in the 21st century and almost every device has ‘smart’ capabilities, it makes sense that the latest appliance to join the trend is the kettle. But what makes a kettle a ‘smart kettle’?

What is a smart kettle?

A smart kettle looks much like your average kettle, except it has a few key differences. Firstly, there are more buttons than your regular on/off switch. There are dedicated buttons for the kind of tea you’re making like green, black and oolong. Each tea’s boiling temperatures and times are all different so if you want to get the most out of your brew, a high-tech kettle is just the thing to get you there.

Along with fancy buttons, a few have things like LED displays and quiet technology, which can really take the whole water boiling experience to the next level. You can even control some via a smartphone app, which means longer lie-ins. The kettle can be fully boiled by the time you get to the kitchen. Efficient or what?

Where can I buy a smart kettle?

There are plenty of places to grab a smart kettle but there are usually great deals available online. Here’s our pick of the best on the market.

Breville Smart Kettle, $149

Five simple buttons allow you to brew the perfect water temperature depending on the type of tea you’re making. It also has a 7-cup capacity if you’re having people over for tea and scones on a Sunday.

You can buy the Breville Smart Kettle ($149) from Amazon here.

Russell Hobbs Addison Kettle, $63 

This kettle is a great introduction to the smart kettle game. With LED illuminated buttons, simply choose the type of tea you’re making, pop it on and drink away.

You can buy the Russell Hobbs Addison Kettle (normally $79, currently 21% at $63) from Amazon here.

Electric Water Glass Kettle, $62.85

If you’re looking for a kettle with a big personality, this is it. Adjust all your temperature controls from the base and then pour away. As it’s entirely glass, you can actually use it to cook food, as well as pour the perfect cuppa. Not to mention it comes in a stylish gold or red.

Buy the Electric Water Glass Kettle ($62.85) from Amazon here.

Hezhang Electric Glass Kettle, $211.50

This one-litre glass kettle is, obviously, ridiculously adorable. Besides that, it’s made to boil quietly and to reach your desired temperature for a full kettle of water in just four minutes. And don’t worry, it’ll turn itself off if you leave it alone for too long.

Buy the Hezhang Electric Glass Kettle ($211.50) from Amazon here.

Healthy Choice Digital Kettle with Tea Infuser, $74

smart kettle

An old-school style kettle meets 21st-century technology – what’s not to love? Its digital touch-button base gives you five quick-start temperature control settings and the included tea infuser allows you to boil your favourite loose-leaf tea to your desired temperature as you go.

Buy the Healthy Choice Digital Kettle with Tea Infuser ($74) from Amazon here.

Hezhang Electric Glass Kettle, $184.80

Another great kettle that packs a punch for its size. You can even brew loose leaf tea inside and enjoy it as it’s brewed to perfection.

You can buy the Hezhang Electric Glass Kettle ($184.80) from Amazon here.

Sunbeam Cafe Series Smart Kettle, $135.15 

The variable temperature control on this model allows you to brew the perfect black, white, green and oolong tea. It’s also kitted out with quiet shield technology which is great if you’re keen on brewing a cup at 5am without disturbing your housemates.

You can buy the Sunbeam Cafe Series Smart Kettle ($135.15) from Amazon here.

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