Aussies Can Now Add Their Vaccination Certificate To Apple Wallet

Aussies Can Now Add Their Vaccination Certificate To Apple Wallet
Image: Services Australia

Australians who have received both doses of either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine will now be able to add their vaccination certificate to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay wallet instead of carrying around the physical card.

As first spotted by Tap Down Under, the Australian Government has added support for digital wallets in an attempt to make it easier for Aussies to show proof of vaccination — which is something we’ll have to do for the foreseeable future.

“We already have vaccine certificates. They already exist. And, those vaccine certificates, this month, we expect to be in a form that can be dropped into Apple Wallets, things of that nature. And, later in the year, about October we estimate, we’ll have a vaccination certificate that will be able to be used, internationally recognised, to facilitate when people are moving out of the country and into the country, being able to recognise others’ certificates,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced in July.

Australians who have received both doses of the vaccine can access their COVID-19 digital certificate as a PDF via their Medicare online account, or on the Express Plus Medicare app (available on both Android and iOS).

But as the vaccine rollout continues and we move towards a world in which large-scale events, travel and other fun things can safely happen again, you’re going to want to be able to quickly and easily prove that you’re vaccinated. And that’s where your digital wallet comes in.

Thankfully, the Australian Government — usually not to great at the whole ‘apps’ thing — has made the process quick and easy.

How To Add Your Vaccination Certificate To Your Apple Wallet Via MyGov

You can view your COVID-19 vaccination status in PDF form on the website, and can easily add this to your digital wallet of choice.

  1. Open and log-in to your account.
  2. Select ‘Go to Medicare’ under the ‘COVID-19 Vaccination Status’ tab. vaccination certificate apple wallet
  3. From here, you can either view your COVID-19 digital certificate as a PDF, or select the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button. vaccination certificate apple wallet
  4. Voila! Your vaccination certificate is now safely in your Apple Wallet.

How to add your Vaccination Certificate to your Apple Wallet via the Medicare App

Alternatively, you can add your vaccination certificate to your digital wallet via the Medicare app.

If you don’t already have the Medicare app downloaded, it’s well worth it for a plethora of other reasons — like having your Medicare card handy in digital form at any given moment.

  1. Download the ‘Express Plus Medicare’ app.
  2. Log in with your myGov account details.
  3. In the main menu, select ‘Immunisation History’.
  4. Select ‘View COVID-19 digital certificate’.
  5. Select ‘Add to Apple Wallet.’ You’ll be prompted with the usual disclaimer about privacy concerns when adding personal information to your Apple Wallet. covid apple wallet
  6. And there you have it! Your vaccination certificate is now in your Apple Wallet!

What if I don’t have Medicare?

If you’re not eligible for Medicare, you can still access your proof of vaccination through the Individual Healthcare Identifiers service via myGov.