6 Things to Know If You’re Considering Becoming an Uber Driver

6 Things to Know If You’re Considering Becoming an Uber Driver
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As more and more people are looking for additional income or a change in pace following a (hopefully) once-in-a-generation global pandemic, interest in finding something that is flexible, pays well and still gives you some face-to-face time with others is at an all-time high.

Over the last few years, rideshare has become one of the most simple ways to make money on a flexible schedule, especially since Uber has one of the largest customer bases. Not only is it the easiest way to get around, but you can also make money from giving other people a ride.

So, if you’re looking at getting behind the wheel with Uber, here’s everything you need to know.

1. It’s easy to sign-up, but there are minimum requirements

To become a driver, in most state and territories you need to have access to a vehicle that meets Uber’s vehicle requirements. You also need to hold a valid full driver’s licence in your state of residence, have held a full driver’s licence in any Australian state or territory for at least 12 months, be listed as an insured driver for the vehicle you drive and provide all necessary documents outlined here.

If you’re not an Australian citizen, you can absolutely still become a driver-partner. In this case, a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) check will be undertaken. 

For the safety of Uber passengers, the company requires you to undergo a series of background checks including your criminal record. According to the official website, these checks vary depending on the state and city you live in.

2. You decide your own hours

The best part about ridesharing is that you decide when, where and how long you want to drive for. No minimum hours, no shifts. It’s as easy as that. 

3. What’s your ride like?

To drive with Uber, you have to have access to a vehicle that meets Uber’s vehicle requirements (generally less than 10 years). If your car doesn’t meet the requirements or you don’t own a car at all, you can opt to rent one instead (which is also a way to try before you buy). 

Uber also has certain standards for your car which will need to pass an inspection, but don’t worry, they are simple things to ensure riders have a great experience such as being in excellent working condition, have minimum four doors and working air conditioning.

4. Keep your eyes on the road – and on how to earn the most

In Sydney, the average driver earns almost $30 an hour with Uber (after Uber’s service cost) according to Alphabeta. But you can also look to earn more and make the most of your time on the road by checking the app for busy areas, or looking at the emails from Uber with tips on how to earn more. Uber also regularly offers sign-up incentives like this one.

5. Don’t worry if you get stuck

While those checks might sound like a lot, compared to writing a resume, applying for a job and turning up for interviews – signing up to be a rideshare driver is actually quite quick! 

If you get stuck in the process you can call 61 1300 091 272 to get help. Once you’re on the road Uber also has a 24/7 support team (including a specialist team based in Sydney) to help you out.

6. It’s free to sign up

The Uber Driver app is free to download and signing up to drive is free (however, there may be costs involved if your car needs additional work to get up to snuff).

If you wish to become an Uber driver, visit the official Uber website and apply here.

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