This Is The Easiest Way To Skin An Avocado

This Is The Easiest Way To Skin An Avocado

In Australia, like many countries, we have endless love for avocados – which means we’re always looking for hacks on how to better enjoy them.

Recently, we discovered the easiest way to separate an avocado from its seed. But, have you ever wondered what the easiest way to skin an avocado is? Well, there’s a hack for that too.

For such a delicious fruit, avocados are really complicated. You have to cut them at just the right time to get optimal ripeness, they go brown if you don’t eat them quick enough and removing their skin is a super fiddly task.

Hopefully, with this hack, the latter becomes a little easier.

How to easily remove avocado skin

This hack comes from the home of all great hacks: TikTok.

User @plantbasednews is responsible for this trick for easy and mess-free avocado peeling.


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Basically, once you remove the seed, the trick is to cut your avocado into slices while the skin is still on. You can then easily peel back the skin from each slice. It’s mess-free and minimal waste – which are all good things.

Alternatively, if you’d like sushi-style easy avocado slices, @_mynameischo – who brought us the avocado pitting hack – has a suggestion.


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This hack does things a little differently. It asks you to spoon out your avocado flesh before cutting it (which is another viable way of removing the skin).

You’re then going to need a sharp knife. Place your avocado flesh face down on your cutting board and use your knife to slice it at an angle. Push the bulk of the avocado forward after each slice and you’ll be left with a nice row of sushi-style pieces.

If you’re got going to eat your avocado slices straight away there are a number of ways you can store them. You could freeze them or try out some nifty hacks for making your avocado last longer – like using lettuce leaves!

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