How to Properly Remove an Avocado Seed Without Cutting Yourself

How to Properly Remove an Avocado Seed Without Cutting Yourself

We can all agree that avocados are one of the best stone fruits. The issue with stone fruits, however, is that you need to remove the stone.

We’re prone to a good avocado hack here at Lifehacker. From squeezing your avos correctly to keeping them fresh longer, there are plenty of tips around for that tasty green fruit.

For most people, removing the stone is a necessary part of eating avocado, but it can be a messy and arduous affair. Attempting to just pull the seed out with your fingers will usually result in the seed flying halfway across the room and using a spoon means you often lose some of the green goodness with the pit.

One frequently used hack that works is to pierce the seed with a knife and lift it out, but it’s a little risky. Thankfully, there’s another much easier way.

The easiest way to remove an avocado seed

Like all great hacks, this one is from TikTok.

Sushi Chef and TikToker @_mynameischo may have found the quickest and easiest way to separate your seed from your avocado.


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This sushi-style hack for cutting, pitting and slicing an avocado has gained hundreds of thousands of views.

The hack could not be more simple. To remove the seed from an avocado all you need to do is brace two fingers on either side of the avocado half. Then push the back of the avocado with your thumb and the seed will pop right out.

Truly mindblowing.

The hack has been blowing up online with @_mynameischo posting a follow-up video showing other TikTok’s using the easy hack (yes, it really works).


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Just to prove that we truly are all noobs when it comes to avocados, @_mynameischo posted a part two to his avocado hack.

In this video, he uses a knife to pierce the back skin of the avocado and push out the seed. All done in about 1 second.


#stitch with @_mynameischo Avocado Hack Part 2! IB:@khaby.lame #sushi#chef#foryou#foodtiktok#avocado

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So, yes, you can use a knife to remove an avocado seed, but only if you do it this way.

I don’t know about you but I could’ve really used this hack about ten years ago.

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