5 Ways To Make Extra Money On The Side

5 Ways To Make Extra Money On The Side
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The global pandemic has continued to wreak havoc since early 2020, with many people having to pivot when it comes to regulating their income. Due to some businesses cutting down staff hours — or sometimes even cutting entire jobs — the need for making additional income has increased for some people.

But there are other ways in which you can boost your finances.

Start that side hustle

There’s no time like the present to set the ball in motion and get your side hustle off the ground. Whether it’s knitting baby clothes, becoming a professional life coach or even turning your baking into a small business, there are always options. If you don’t have a particular skill, think about turning what you can do into a source of income — think IT support, home maintenance and selling your well-curated Instagram snaps.

The best thing is, your side hustle can be done on your terms. Your own hours, how you want to market it and what the ultimate outcome is for you. And Uber has just launched Uber Connect, which is a great way to send packages to people if that’s what your side hustle involves.

There’s no time like the present to get started, plus you can earn money really doing what you love!

Join the gig economy

The gig economy is a handy way to make money and is relatively quick and simple to get started, particularly when it comes to food delivery.

Over the past few years, it has become one of the easiest ways to make money on a flexible schedule, with Uber Eats being a popular choice.

Also, getting paid is super easy. Your earnings are transferred straight into your bank account on a weekly basis, or you can opt to cash out what you’ve earned that day in just a few minutes.

Many, like 33-year-old Vincenzo from Sydney, agree is an easy way to boost their incomes.

“I’m a chef, so when the lockdowns kicked off again in Sydney and my hours reduced, I needed to make some extra money – fast,” he told Lifehacker Australia. “I signed up to deliver for Uber Eats and within two days I was making deliveries and earning good money. The great thing is there are no set shifts so I can work around my cheffing job and log on and deliver whenever I want.”

Sell unwanted items

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and in this case, one man’s trash also equals more money.

In an interview with Forbes, founder of Money Done Right, Logan Allec, said that decluttering can make you money while also helping you clean up around the house.

“Try selling more valuable items online through Facebook marketplace or eBay. Amazon will even buy some items directly from you that they will then resell, and clothes can be sold on sites like Poshmark,” he said. Genius.

Build a passive income stream

Ah Instagram. The social media beast that is a blessing and a curse. The blessing, of course, is its ability to turn anyone into a successful marketer, giving you the ability to earn a passive income.

“The reason why passive income is appealing is that it requires little effort to make money,” Forbes’ Melissa Houston wrote. “This is what is often referred to as making your money work for you. Generally, you invest your money in a product that will generate an income.”

Common ways people might earn this type of income is through social media, blogging, influencer marketing (don’t be turned off, there are many types of influencers) and YouTube videos.

Share the love and see who needs your help in the community

No matter how old you are, everyone can earn a substantial income within their community. Things like dog walking, babysitting or even becoming a personal shopper for the elderly will earn you a little extra money and will make you feel all warm inside.

As Audry Hepburn once said, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”


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