This Blackout Sleep Mask Is the Only One You Need to Know About

This Blackout Sleep Mask Is the Only One You Need to Know About
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Mastering your sleep routine is an invaluable life skill. Popping on an essential oil diffuser and cranking lavender through your bedroom, buying a comfortable and supportive pillow, or putting your phone away an hour before you go to bed.

For me, there’s one non-negotiable: sliding on the Manta Sleep Mask ($49.99) when it’s time to go to sleep.

I’ve been a lover of sleep masks for years and prior to landing on the Manta one and never looking back, I was a fan of cushiony masks from Peter Alexander ($15.95) and the Slip Silk Sleep Masks ($77), too. They’re both great options, feel very soft and luxurious on the face, didn’t get in the way of my nightly tossing and turning, and blocked out a decent amount of light. But they had one big flaw: they couldn’t come close to the cosiness or effectiveness of the Manta, so it was all over for them the moment I finally hit the purchase button.

So, what’s so great about the Manta Sleep Mask? Keep on reading to find out.

The Manta Sleep Mask Just . . . Works

There are a few key design features that make Manta’s the superior sleep mask. For starters, the padded strap has an adjustable velcro design, so you can fit it to your personal head size. This also means the strap won’t stretch out of shape, which is inevitable with masks that have elastic straps as they wear out over time and cause the mask to slip off your head through the night and also let more light in. And before you ask, the velcro doesn’t feel bulky at the back of the head when laying down (for me).

The other biggest selling point is the design of the eye cups, which are like doughnut-shaped cushions that form to the contours of your face perfectly. This makes them completely blackout because there’s nowhere for light to creep in around the sides of your nose, and also, it’s just really comfortable and soft on your face.

It Doesn’t Crush Your Eyelashes

At the risk of repeating myself, I feel it’s important to make a couple more notes on the eye cups. Because of their doughnut-like shape, the Manta Sleep Mask won’t crush your eyelashes or give you that awkward eye pressure when you try to blink. There have been times where I honestly cannot tell if my eyes are open or closed when trying to fall asleep because the mask is so non-intrusive and genuinely light-blocking. The eye cups are also made from breathable knitted cotton that makes them lightweight and non-irritating or abrasive on the skin.

The Mask is Completely Customisable

The problem many people have with sleep masks is that the strap is too tight (or too loose), the elastic wears out and it just generally doesn’t fit the face right. This isn’t a problem with the Manta sleep mask for one simple reason: the fit is entirely customisable. As I mentioned above, the strap is velcro so it won’t be too big (or too small) for your head. Just as nifty is the adjustable eye cups which velcro onto the strap, so you can move them to be the exact right distance from one another and at the perfect angle, too.

Manta Sleep Mask ($49.99)

There Are Countless Ways To Upgrade The Mask

Full disclosure, I’m a purist when it comes to the Manta Sleep Mask and I’ve never felt the need to try out one of the many different straps and add-ons available. If you want to tweak your mask, you can buy the slim mask ($53.70), the maxi strap, a weighted strap, plus, there are options for cooling and heating masks, aromatherapy (perfect if you love a lavender pillow spray), and the recently-launched silk mask.

In Conclusion . . .

I love my Manta Sleep Mask and I’m not exaggerating when I say it has immensely helped me to not only fall asleep but have good-quality sleep. I’ve even been known to steal my partner’s mask if I forget mine on holidays, so I know I’m well-qualified when I tell you that it is the only sleep mask you need to know about.

Buy the Manta Sleep Mask for $49.99 on Amazon now.

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