Telstra Has Knocked $100 off Its iPhones

Telstra Has Knocked $100 off Its iPhones
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If you’ve been thinking about making the jump from your old iPhone 8 to something a bit newer, now might be the time. Telstra has just announced that its knocking $100 off the cost of its iPhone handsets.

This deal from Telstra includes the current generation of models for the iPhone 12 (standard, Mini, Pro, Pro Max), along with the iPhone 11, the iPhone SE and the iPhone XS. The $100 discount will be applied as a credit by your second bill.

This discount is a flat $100 across all models, which means you’ll be saving a smaller percentage on certain models compared to others.

This flash sale is only available until March 29, so you’ve got a little under a week to think this deal over.

Are there deals for Telstra plans available?

If you’re looking to really maximise your savings by combining a Telstra mobile plan deal with an iPhone, you’re in luck.

The telco is currently running an offer on its Medium Upfront Mobile Plan where you can get $5 off your monthly bill for the first 12 months you’re with the teclo. That means you’ll only be paying $60 per month for 80GB of data.

When you combine this plan with the iPhone discount, you will be able to save $160 in your first year with Telstra.

After this discount period ends, the plan’s price will jump back up to the usual $65 per month.

Here all of the iPhone models available through Telstra

This Telstra deal is available for the following iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XS models. If you choose your iPhone from the table below, you can follow it through to pair it with one of Telstra’s mobile plans.


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