Working From Home? You Might Need a Cloffice

Working From Home? You Might Need a Cloffice

The trend of ‘cloffices’ has re-emerged thanks to the rise in work from home scenarios over the last year. For those unfamiliar, a cloffice is an office/closet combo, or wardrobe for us Australians.

So how do cloffices work and what do you need to make one?

What is a cloffice?

Cloffices combine a wardrobe with a functioning office space. You might typically see them as converted walk-in wardrobes, but they can actually be constructed from a number of different areas in your home. Whether it be an average wardrobe, a spare room or an unused nook and cranny in your home, nearly anything can be turned into a neat cloffice space.

Understandably, the use of cloffices has increased over the past year as work from home became the norm. The initial work-from-home scramble caused a mad rush for living room space between families, housemates or siblings.

Enter the cloffice to solve all these problems. These makeshift rooms a neat way to spruce up your home and take advantage use of the space you already have.

Inspiration for your new home office

Naturally, the aim of a cloffice is not just function but also fashion. Insta-worthy pics are half the glory with your newly acquired cloffice. Consider it the art of picking out an office to match your clothes.

So, where does one begin? It’s worth noting some minimal renovation skills may be required here. Although, depending on the layout of your space, it can be as simple as removing some shelves or purchasing some storage solutions. Nothing a trip to IKEA can’t fix.

Here’s some inspiration to get started.

Let’s start with a few small-scale cloffices. These make use of your existing wardrobe foundations to create a home office you can tuck away at the end of the day

It can be as simple as clearing the shelves out of one end of your wardrobe or shelving unit.

If there are no wizards sheltering under your stairs, why not turn it into a workspace?

If you’re blessed with walk-in wardrobe space, here are some ideas.

As you can see, aesthetics are key, but it doesn’t all have to be all lifestyles of the rich and famous. Any space, whether it’s in your own room or even the laundry, can be a viable office in these work from home times. As for decorating? Go with whatever will help you stay most productive!

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