The Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plans on Offer in Australia

The Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plans on Offer in Australia
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Samsung has just unleashed the S21 series on the world, introducing three new handsets at the tail-end of last week. Mercifully, the devices are a little more affordable than last year, with the phones now starting at $1,249 outright.

Of course, $1,249 outright still isn’t cheap. If your wallet can’t sustain that uppercut in one go, you might want to think about spreading the damage a little thinner by grabbing one of Samsung’s latest on a plan. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the best value Galaxy S21 plans available on a 24-month term.

The best Samsung Galaxy S21 plans

Woolworths Mobile is easily the best choice if you’re after a Galaxy S21 on a plan. Plans start at $70.66 per month with 18GB on a 24-month term, partially thanks to a pre-order promo where you’ll save $200 across the life of your plan if you get your phone before January 29. If you need extra data, an extra $10 per month will bump your allowance up to 35GB.

For comparison, you’re looking at $87.04 per month for a 50GB S21 plan on Vodafone, $91.02 per month for a 10GB on Optus, or $107 per month for a 40GB plan on Telstra. Pre-orders from all four providers include a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds Live, valued at $319.

Of course, Woolworths Mobile doesn’t have a 5G network right now, so your Galaxy S21 will be limited to 4G. Woolies is powered by the Telstra network, so it’s up to Big T as to when Woolworths Mobile customers will get 5G connectivity. Neither telco has provided a timeline yet, however. At the same time, 5G coverage is far from ubiquitous – and the benefits of 5G are still minimal – so we’d say this isn’t a huge deal.

Here’s a look at how the Woolworths plan compares:

The best Samsung Galaxy S21+ plans

Woolworths Mobile is once again a great option for a Galaxy S21+ thanks to the $200 discount. Plans start at $84.16 per month with 18GB, which is the cheapest way to get Samsung’s middle sized S21 on a 24-month term.

If you need more data, you may want to consider Vodafone. $93 per month will get you the Galaxy S21+ on a 50GB plan.

In either case, the plans edge out Optus and Telstra on value, who are offering a 10GB plan for $103.53 per month or a 40GB plan for $119 per month, respectively. Again, pre-orders from all four providers include a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds Live, valued at $319.

Here’s a look at how the plans compare:

The best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans

If only the best will do and you’re thinking about the Galaxy S21 Ultra, here are the plans you should be considering.

I may sound like a broken record, but Woolies is once again a solid option thanks to its pre-order discount. $96.16 per month gets you the biggest Galaxy S21 with an 18GB allowance. A further $10 per month takes you to 35GB.

Vodafone comes closest in value with a 50GB plan for $112.04 per month, followed by Optus’ $116.04 per month plan with 10GB and Telstra’s $132 per month plan with 40GB.

But considering we’re going large, there are a few promos worth considering. Telstra is currently offering a $50 per month discount on its top-tier $192 plan. This means you’ll pay $132 per month for your first 12 months for a S21 Ultra plan with 180GB. You’ll go back to full price after your initial year is up, but you can always drop down to a more affordable Telstra plan after the fact.

And if you really need a ludicrous data allowance, Optus has a Galaxy S21 Ultra plan with 1TB for $196.04 per month. This data allowance only lasts for your first year, however, after which you’ll still have 500GB to play with each month.

All four telcos are offering Galaxy Buds Pro as a pre-order bonus with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Here’s a plan comparison:

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