Say No to Plastic and Go a Living Christmas Tree Instead

Say No to Plastic and Go a Living Christmas Tree Instead
Image supplied: Floraly

I’m not here to Grinch over anyone’s Chrissie preferences, but fake trees aren’t my fave. For starters, they’re plastic which isn’t great environmentally-speaking. Especially if you have a tree that won’t last a long time.

In a lot of cases, which Broadsheet recently reported, these fake trees end up in landfill. So, the more you’re tossing out these trees the bigger the eco issue. Then there’s the whole first-world-problem of having to put the tree together, which I’m far too lazy to deal with.

If you’re considering switching to a real tree, that is largely going to be a better choice than plastic. As we chatted about in an older article on this area, the idea of chopping a tree down doesn’t sound too great but these trees are replaced year on year, and during their lifetime, they do contribute a heap of juicy oxygen to the environment.

Apparently, a fake tree would need to last you twenty years to be a fair environmental investment.

Now, it’s still not ideal if your real tree ends up in landfill after Christmas is over. What you should be doing, as Broadsheet also pointed out, is looking into council options to compost or mulch your tree – it will make a giant difference, environmentally.

What I want to chat about today, however, is something slightly different.

Have you ever thought about buying a living Christmas tree?

Floraly offers the option for Christmas lovers to buy a tiny little baby living Christmas tree, and I’m officially obsessed. I was lucky enough to be offered one to try out, and I can confirm that they are as adorable as they sound.

Your tiny Christmas tree (I named mine Chrissy) comes with soil, a pop-up pot, and care tips, along with decorations and lights. Re-pot your little Christmas plant baby when the time comes, and you’ll have it for years to come.

The almost-60 cm trees are locally-sourced, and they’re available for flat-pack delivery across Australia (apart from WA, unfortunately). If you’re thinking of giving this to a loved one as a gift, you can pair your order with a bunch of festive extras like Koko Black artisanal chocolates, Moet & Chandon French Champagne, Messina spreads, and body care products from Endota. Pretty sweet, really.

If you’re interested, these little guys are $79. Be sure to sort your orders soon though. I’ve been advised that the last date for Christmas delivery is December 18.

Want to read more about plastic trees vs real? We’ve got more insights for you here.


  • We’ve been using a little spruce-type tree in a pot for several years, it should have grown more by now, but just hasn’t but that’s fine with us as we still get to use it ratherthan having to plant it. Sure, when we bring it inside we get a few critters that come in with it (mostly tiny spiders), but hey, that’s nature, they don’t cause harm and generally stay in the tree anyway, even when you decorate it. A living tree is infinitely better than a plastic tree or a dead “natural” tree.

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