How to Nail the Art of Perfectly Wrapped Presents

How to Nail the Art of Perfectly Wrapped Presents
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Gift season is upon us, everyone. While facing the crowds to go Christmas shopping may seem like the real challenge, don’t forget the monumental task of then wrapping everything you bought.

Some people have a natural gift for wrapping presents. Others, like me, try as they might, always turn their gift wrapping into a mess of tape and unseemly crinkled paper. Thankfully,  there are alternatives, such as gift wrapping services. But why get someone else to wrap your presents when you can learn the art yourself. Here are some simple tips for wrapping perfect presents, and some ways to do it sustainably!

Tips for wrapping presents of all shapes and sizes


Let’s start with something relatively easy. Boxes or rectangular presents, like books and board games, are some of the simpler options when it comes to wrapping, thanks to their smooth surfaces. But it’s still easy to get it wrong, so here’s a video that gets it right.


Alcohol makes for a great gift, but wrapping it is a different story. Odd shapes like bottles require a different tactic to boxes. This video has some great tips.

Wrapping awkward items

Boxes and cylinders are one thing, but what about those awkward items that just don’t want to play nice? Never fear, because Martha Stewart is here with tips for wrapping those odd shapes.

Tying the perfect bow

Putting a bow around something is an easy way to turn it into a gift. Whether you choose to wrap it in paper or not, here are some hot tips for tying the perfect bow every time.

Wrapping without tape

Can you believe there’s a way to wrap your presents without tape?! It takes a little more effort but saves the planet on plastic. Check out the video below.

Sustainable gift wrapping options

Speaking of saving the planet, there is no shortage of ways to cut down on the waste of one-use gift wrapping.

A simple and easy way to wrap sustainably is to reuse materials that are already available to you and so, cut back on buying single-use paper. Recycling your old newspapers and magazines can make for great wrapping choices, as are reusable gift bags.

Fabric gift wrapping is also becoming more of a trend. Locally, you can pick up some great eco-friendly wrapping choices from Lush in a huge range of designs for just $10. Just make sure you ask for the wrapping back once the gift has been opened.

There are plenty of eco-friendly options available, but if you do choose to use the old-school gift wrapping way, please recycle it properly.

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