Become A Gift Wrapping Ninja With This Superfast Technique

Become A Gift Wrapping Ninja With This Superfast Technique

We’re getting closer to Christmas which means you’ll probably need to wrap a ton of presents. Here’s a way to gift wrap boxes quickly and neatly.

This video of someone wrapping presents like a pro at a Takashimaya Department Store in Japan went viral a few years ago and since then the technique has been dissected by YouTuber Beat The Bush. The original video showed a box being wrapped in less than 20 seconds. Luckily, Beat The Bush posted a step-by-step guide on the technique which features him demonstrating it slowly.

The video came out a while ago but it’s definitely still relevant for this Christmas season. This method only works with square or rectangular boxes. If your present is oddly shaped, we have some tips on how to wrap them here.

Check out Beat The Bush’s video below.



  • I appreciate that he slowed the process down, but he didn’t follow what the Takashimiya wrapper did – they finished on a long edge whilst Beat the Bush finished on a short edge and consequently used an extra piece of tape. It looks better than my wrapping efforts but I don’t think this is the best “how-to” guide.

  • My Technique is to pay whatever charity is wrapping presents this year at the shopping centre. Then it’s all nice with a bow and everything and Im helping people do good things…….

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