This Method Wraps Gifts With Fewer Folds And Two Pieces Of Tape

As Christmas gets closer, it’s about time for another tradition: frustratingly wrapping gifts. As the above YouTube video demonstrates, though, there’s an easier way.

This method involves placing your gift at an angle on a pre-cut piece of paper (as opposed to an entire roll). You then follow it up by folding two corners into the centre of a broad side of the package, placing one piece of tape on it to hold it down. Flip the package over, folding the rest of the paper along with it, and then fold the remaining two corners onto the center of the opposing broad side of the box. One final piece of tape seals the deal.

If describing folding strategies via text isn’t terribly helpful, check out the video above to see it in action. For more wrapping tips, check out our guide to how to wrap awkward presents.

Gift Wrapping Hack [YouTube via BuzzFeed]


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