How To Wrap A Christmas Gift In Under 30 Seconds

How To Wrap A Christmas Gift In Under 30 Seconds
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It’s Christmas Eve and, hopefully, you’ll have finished shopping for all those last minute gifts. But there’s still one more task – wrapping those presents. Assuming you have all your paper, tape and ribbon supplies at the ready, you’re ready to start the job of covering all those items with some festive wrapping. Here are a few different techniques you can try to get those goodies covered in festive goodness as quickly as possible.

The Japanese department store Takashimaya has long been a favourite for gift-wrappers as they have a crazy-fast method that wraps a present in under 15 seconds. YouTube user BeatTheBush shows how with three pieces of tape and three can do the same.

The neat thing abut this method is that on the back of the wrapped gift, the folds create a pocket so you can stash the card or a small extra something with the main gift.

WikiHow has a handy guide that covers wrapping cylindrical gifts as well as regular boxes.

With awkwardly shaped gifts, you can create your own gift bags, which are far cheaper than the store bought ones. Scrub up to the 1:30 mark of this video for a quick and easy method to create your own gift bag.

Between those three methods, you can pretty much wrap anything.


  • None of those videos unfortunately reflect real life use. Both videos start with perfectly cut wrapping paper area for a perfect fit. Most of us start with a roll.

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