How to Pick the Best Smart Watch for Your Lifestyle

How to Pick the Best Smart Watch for Your Lifestyle
Contributor: Angus Quinn
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The smart watch has come a long way. It began life as a nice to have, but for many has become an indispensable part of their lifestyle. The market has become crowded and now there’s a smart watch for everyone: The runner, the swimmer, the person who wants to run their life from their wrist and everyone in between. So we’ve put together our top smart watches for your lifestyle: 

Best smart watch if you’re always on the move:

TicWatch GTX, $89

Smartwatch battery life varies wildly. Devices that do everything can last as little as a day. So if you don’t want to spend your life by the plug socket, you can find smartwatches with better battery life by compromising on features. If you really see your smartwatch as a simple extension of your phone, going for a more basic type will save you dollars and can give you battery life that lasts as long as ten days. 

For the person who wants everything in one place:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, $549

It’s not as hard as it used to be to find a smartwatch that behaves like a swiss army knife. There are a lot out there that can tell you your step count, notify you if you have a call coming and often include features like diary management. But if you want a smartwatch that can control your lifestyle, it makes sense to go in at the higher end, where there are frequent updates to introduce new features and plenty of app integrations, to give you full control of everything you have going on. It’ll enable you to pay for things, take guided meditations and swap messages with friends. 

Best if you want to get more active:

Kogan Active+ Lite Smart watch, $69.99

You don’t have to be a seasoned 5k runner to want a smartwatch: For people that want to get a more active lifestyle, they can be a great motivator. They remind you to get up and do your steps, help you work towards a step goal and make you more accountable on your off days. This Kogan watch is a great introduction because it’ll work across 9 different exercises, so you’ve got plenty of room to experiment. 

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Best if you don’t want your smart watch to rule your life:

Fitbit Versa Lite Smart watch, $249.95

Some people like working off one device. Others prefer to rotate between several different ones. And if you’re looking at a smartwatch as an addition to your existing devices, you don’t need to shell out on one that can do everything. Instead, if your primary focus is getting fitter, focus on one that can help you optimize your performance and get better at the activities you care about. 

Best if you want something discreet:

Noerden Life2 Smart watch, $109

Discretion can be a virtue. There’s no shortage of flashy smartwatches out there with huge faces. People that want something subtler can take advantage of analog options that pack in the same step-tracking and notification integrations as digital types, while keeping a classic stripped back exterior. 


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