How to Turn Your Coronavirus Mask Into a Fashion Statement

How to Turn Your Coronavirus Mask Into a Fashion Statement
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Protective masks are becoming an everyday reality for those living in coronavirus hot spots. With more stores like Woolworths strongly encouraging their use in states where they’re not currently mandatory, it’s likely a lot more of us will need to consider purchasing masks in the near future.

The current recommendation is for face masks to have three layers of material or more to ensure its protectiveness against the spread of coronavirus. If you’re making your own mask at home or purchasing one online, you should definitely consider how safe it is before you wear it out — but there’s also something else (far less important) to consider: can you make your mask a fashion statement?

A protective mask is essential, but it doesn’t have to look drab. If you’re concerned about matching your clothing to your mask or being the most fashionable mask-wearer on your block, there’s plenty of options around.

Here’s a few of our best tips to stay safe and fashionable as the coronavirus pandemic continues on.

Choose the right colours

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Masks are available in a variety colours and patterns online.

It’s important to note that sellers on stores like boohoo and Etsy don’t need to comply with medical-grade standards so masks purchased from these retailers may not be as effective as surgical masks. Having said that, any face mask is better than none but make sure to check they have meet the recommended three-layer requirement.

When choosing the perfect mask for you, consider your current wardrobe.

If you’re more likely to pick colourful clothing options, you may want to opt for a grey, white or black mask to reduce the likelihood of a clash. If you often dress in patterns, you’ll also want to consider a single-coloured mask over a patterned one.

If you’re more likely to wear black, grey or white, you can splurge and seek out a patterned or coloured mask to jazz up your wardrobe. Just make sure your overall look isn’t too ‘busy’.

For an even cuter idea, you could consider purchasing matching masks for you and your significant other, or even your wider family.

You can find plenty of options online to suit your preferences.

Create custom matching masks

If you’re feeling a bit creative, you might like to try creating your own mask at home. You don’t need to be able to sew, but you will need some kind of material and elastic to secure your face mask.

Consider your wardrobe when making a mask: is there a particular outfit you wear regularly, or a shirt you’re in love with? A quick trip to Spotlight or Lincraft will yield a range of similar fabrics or colours to create a matching mask.

Simply purchase a half metre of your favourite material  — with such a big range at both stores it’s likely you’ll be able to find the exact colour and texture you’re looking for — and use our handy guides for creating your own masks.

Bedazzle your mask

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You don’t have to be stuck with the plain old mask you purchased online. If you’re a crafty sort of person, you can bedazzle your mask in any way you like. While you should certainly leave yourself some breathing room, it’s perfectly okay to decorate and bedazzle your masks as you like.

Some shiny sequins or beads around the edges of your mask could give it a bit of personality, as could jewels, studs or glitter. All of these can be attached securely with fabric glue, hot glue or thread.

Light fabric paint or non-washable marker around the edges could also give your mask a fun look. Just make sure to avoid layering too much extra material in the centre on the off-chance your decorations clog the breathable filter of the fabric. You still need to be able to breathe.

Whatever you choose to add to your mask, make sure it’s fitted securely and is easily washable. You’ll need to wash your masks every day, so some decorations may not suit. You also don’t want to accidentally swallow any of these decorations should they come loose.

If you need some inspiration, check out these creative looks.

While creating the perfect fashion look is a fun way of making masks exciting, it’s important to remember your safety comes first.

Always look for the latest health advice from your local state government and make sure you’re taking the right steps to protect yourself from the spread of coronavirus.

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