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Ensure You Always Have a Clean Mask With This System

I live in New York City, where, I am pleased to report, the vast majority of people wear masks when out and about. This very likely has something to do with why we’ve managed to flatten the COVID-19 curve and keep it flat — squashing our daily infection rate from…

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Have Your Kids Practice Mask-Wearing at Home

You’ve probably introduced your kids to mask-wearing by now. (And they probably hate it, because we all hate it, but you’ve explained why they need to wear it, etc.) Most kids preschool-age and older have been doing a bit of mask-wearing here or there — when you take them for…

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Why You Can Smell a Fart Through a Mask

As that anti-masker having a tantrum in a Panera pointed out, you can smell a fart even though it passes through the fabric of your pants. Her point seems to be that fabric cannot block air, and thus masks cannot block things that are carried in air. She’s wrong, but…