Triple Your Wardrobe Space With This Simple Storage Hack

Triple Your Wardrobe Space With This Simple Storage Hack
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If you love hoarding clothes and aren’t ready to give up on your wardrobe favourites (and still insist on shopping), we have just the hack for you to triple the space you have to hang your clothes. In fact, it’ll only take you a few seconds.

There’s nothing more satisfying than flicking through all the TikTok videos until you find something that has the potential to change your life. There are some people – including myself – who hate folded clothes because it’s time consuming to fold them and it doesn’t give you a full picture of what you own when you’re trying to find something appropriate to wear. We’ve all had moments when we’ve found a much-loved top at the back of the closet months later.

Holly of Holly Vlogs Official shares her simple life hack on TikTok for creating more storage space for your clothes. The video has already gained 44,2000 views (and counting).

All you’ll need for this hack to work is to successfully collect as many soda can rings as possible and then within seconds (or minutes depending on your speed) you can hang three shirts in one length.

First, slide the ring over the neck of your hanger. Make sure it already has a shirt hanging on it. Next, bring out a second hanger and take it through the soda can ring, hang another piece of clothing on it repeat the last step. Hold the first hanger and admire the chain of three items of clothing you’ve created. Tada.

If, after reading this and watching the video, you still don’t seem too keen on the hack, we suggest trying it out before making up your mind. If your wardrobe has very limited shelf space, you’re definitely going to be thanking Holly for years to come.

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