7 Workplace Skills You Can Improve From The Comfort Of Your Home

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With more time spent at home these days, we are left trying to figure out what to do with our extra time. Why not take this opportunity to work on skills that can improve your professional strengths? Add on to a skillset or start learning a new one with the following comprehensive course bundles.

1. Salesforce

If you work in business or marketing, you have probably heard mention of Salesforce, one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Designed to let students learn at their own pace, this bundle brings you the opportunity to absorb everything about Salesforce and put your career into overdrive. From analyzing big data to using business tools to profit any company, this certification will add valuable skills to your bag of business tools.

Get The Salesforce Certification Essentials Bundle for only $39.99

2. SQL

If you work in marketing, sales, or app development, you’ll likely need to answer questions that only data can answer. MySQL, the world’s most popular open-source SQL database, brings you everything you need to solve issues with data and helps enhance your data-driven workflow to be more streamlined. Used in industries of all sorts, you’ll soon learn how to create databases easily, generate reports using SQL, and more, making it a great asset to have on your professional resume.

Get The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle for only $21

3. Excel

Productivity in the workplace is a quality that is continuously being finessed, especially when it comes to going through tons of data. With over 100 lessons included in this Excel certification bundle, you’ll soon master all the necessary tools and techniques that data professionals use to skyrocket their productivity. Become a pro at PivotTables, formulas, formatting, and more, and bring valuable data skills to your next employer.

Get The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle for only $19

4. Adobe Creative Cloud

Effective branding is a vital component for companies, no matter the size. Directors in all industries are looking to add team members with creative knowledge to compliment all kinds of positions. Adobe Creative Cloud, the world’s best innovative apps and services, brings you eight courses where you’ll learn everything you need to design striking graphics, logos, presentations, video effects, and so much more. With over 500 lessons and unlimited access, you’ll soon be on your way to increase your earning potential.

Get The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle for only $33.99

5. Speed Reading

With information overload these days, it can become challenging to stay on top of industry trends and essential world updates. Gain extra time out of your day by conquering speed reading and memory techniques. This six-course bundle will teach you everything you need to absorb reading material more effectively and with quicker speed, bringing valuable time and knowledge into your work routine.

Get The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle for only $21

6. Project Management

Being able to project manage your team and yourself is a skillset in itself that can bring you mounds of recognition. This 10-course bundle brings you everything you need to learn how to take the lead. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Scrum, PMP, CISSP, Six Sigma, and so much more, all bringing you valuable program manager and team member organization that will take you to the top.

Get The Project Manager’s Essential Certification Bundle Ft. Scrum, Agile & PMP for only $49.99

7. Public Speaking

Easily one of the biggest hurdles in the workforce, public speaking can be an intimidating skill to master. Impress your boss and deliver a flawless presentation at your next big meeting with this master class public speaking bundle. You’ll learn prep tips from the experts, speech draft hacks, persuasive techniques, and so much more.

Get The 2020 Public Speaking Bundle for only $19


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