These Are Australia’s Fastest-Growing Jobs

When it comes to hot job sectors there’s one clear winner. The Australian healthcare industry is leading the labour market when it comes to demand for professionals, and thus wage growth.

“In only one Australian sector, healthcare and social assistance is pay growth strong relative to what was once considered normal,” Indeed Asia-Pacific economist Callam Pickering said in his most recent job review. As a result, health professionals can expect a 3.2% annual pay rise on average – an enviable perk considering wage growth across other sectors has slumped to 2.2%.

Indeed research, provided exclusively to Business Insider Australia, now identifies exactly which positions are benefiting the most from the trend, and in the hottest demand.

Pharmacists top the list with nearly 180% more job ads posted in 2019. Unsurprisingly then, it was their offsiders, pharmacy assistants, that took out the silver with nearly 170% growth last year.

In fact, assistants generally are sought after in all industries, with the cross-sector job title rounding out the podium places, with 101% growth.

Meanwhile, advertised positions for mental health technicians, registered operating room nurses, support coordinators and midwives all swelled by 50% or more.

In fact, you have to get all the way to rank number eight before you find a specific role outside of the healthcare sector. Field service technicians, those people who service heavy machinery and remote equipment like security systems, have seen demand grow by 47%.

Job growth for business managers, speech pathologists, dental receptionists and security officers didn’t trail far behind.

Research fellows, requiring a PhD education, came in at number 14 to get academia on the board, while employment consultants round out the top 15 – a fact you’d have to assume they both know and are very happy about.


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