The Best Jobs In Australia, According To

The Best Jobs In Australia, According To
Image: Getty Images defines the best jobs for job seekers as those with the combination of best pay and employer demand. And while lots of sexier roles get lots of attention, Indeed found jobs in traditional sectors, such as education, health and construction – as well as several areas in tech – satisfied those criteria most.

In their analysis, which focussed on jobs with a salary in excess of $80,000 per year, they found lead teachers with leadership experience are in demand with the number of job postings increasing by over 1000 vacancies between 2014 and 2017.

Indeed says a lead teacher can be expected to have a minimum of 2 years’ teaching experiences have strong curriculum development skills and be adept and guiding junior staff.

The number of jobs in the construction industry are also increasing according to Indeed’s listings. You’ll get close the $100K salary level if you have experience in leading a team of other architects on larger civil engineering projects. But there are plenty of well-paid roles in other areas. They flagged senior landscape architects as a particularly strong growth area.

With healthcare, it’s not surprising but there are lots of opportunities but you’ll need to move to regional areas.

Nursing roles, they say, can earn around $94,000 with specialities in primary and maternity care in high demand.

Interestingly, a new role for “wellness managers” is emerging in large corporates. They say $110,000 is available for those who can guide individuals to keep their health in check.

Tech continuers to grow with developers, data scientists, information systems managers all in hot demand and able to command salaries in excess of $110,000.

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