The Best Mac Screensaver For Apple Devotees

One bit of joy from Apple’s October 2018 announcement—beyond USB-C finally arriving on the iPad Pro—was the way Apple handled the event invitations. Every single invitation Apple sent out had a unique piece of Apple art, beautiful remixes of its logo that are a must-see for Apple fans. And now, you can cycle through all 350+ images as part of a gorgeous screensaver for your Mac.

Jonas Lekevicius took all of Apple’s invitation images and stitched them together into a lovely screensaver for macOS, which he offers for free on GitHub. Downloading and installing it takes only a minute, if that, and doing so will adorn your Mac with one of the loveliest tributes to Apple I’ve seen in some time. Though I love the Aerial screensaver for macOS, this “October 30 Screen Saver” is a very, very close second—so much so, that I let my Mac randomly pick either of them to use.

Don’t let the above image fool you, by the way; the screensaver itself is a lot more fluid—very much in the Apple style. This is just a quick preview of what the screensaver kind-of, sort-of looks like on a Mac, but it’s a lot better in person. You can trust me on that. Go install it right now and wow all your other Apple-worshipping friends and coworkers.


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