We Should Eat Cranberry Sauce All Year

We Should Eat Cranberry Sauce All Year
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Cranberry sauce serves a vital function in holiday meals. Without it, salt and fat would dominate your palate, and your mouth would quickly become oversaturated with rich, savoury flavours. Cranberry sauce cuts through all that, and our meal is the better for it. But why confine the sweet and tangy condiment to one day? It has so much more to offer.

If nothing else, you should be putting it on all of your turkey sandwiches. Cranberry sauce does a lot of good in a leftovers sandwich, but that isn’t the only sandwich you eat all year. Heck, it’d be good on other sandwiches too—ham, grilled cheese, or grilled ham and cheese would all benefit from a swipe of the magenta sauce.

You know how some cheese plates come with a little jam for dolloping on sharp cheddars and funky blues? Yeah, cranberry sauce would work there too. It would also work on pork chops.

You can buy canned cranberry sauce during the regular calendar year, but now isn’t a bad time to stock up. If you prefer homemade, you can freeze fresh cranberries (or buy already frozen ones) and make small portions of your favourite recipe on whim. There is no reason not to enjoy the sweet and sour bliss of cranberry sauce every damn day if you so please. Time is an illusion and cranberry sauce is good. Adjust your life accordingly.


  • I really hate this constant degradation of Aussie culture, we may as well just go ahead and change our flag to the Stars and Stripes. Yeah, I’m old school, but that doesn’t mean I’m a flag waver or afraid of change, I’d just prefer it if we could maintain some identity as a sovereign nation.

    • Huh? So a little article about how a condiment could be delicious as an addition to meals year round, somehow makes you talk about our culture becoming degraded?

      It’s some sauce. Made from fruit. Tastes good. On food. We all eat. Who cares where it’s originated from, or what social or seasonal connotations it has… if it tastes good, enjoy it. If it doesnt tickle your fancy, ignore it like I ignore tomato sauce (does this make me double un-Australian?).

      • Jesus.. So you use cranberry all year, do you? Because it only gets advertised around a certain US holiday! It wasn’t that long ago, no one used it except Ameri-philes.

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