Haven’t Signed Up To The NBN Yet? You Might Be Able To Get 50% Off

Haven’t Signed Up To The NBN Yet? You Might Be Able To Get 50% Off
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NBN Co is introducing a new offer to help entice those who haven’t yet signed up. If you’re a legible customer, you can score a cheeky 50% off your NBN bill for a whole year. Here’s what you need to know.

According to a report from iTnews, the NBN Co is looking to give premises a pretty sweet deal in order to entice them to sign up for the NBN. It’s offering a half-price discount for the first six months of 2020 for “first timers” but that window is a little bit niche.

“NBN Co will introduce a special 50 per cent discount on the wholesale price of all fixed line bundles for a period of 12 months at residential premises that have not connected to the network for at least 24 months since that household was first declared RTC,” an NBN executive told iTnews.

Specifically, it’s for residential users who have been unconnected from NBN for 700 or more calendar days, according to the report. It’ll also be only applicable for plans of 100Mbps speeds and below and the NBN Co has said it’ll be applied automatically and should filter down to the end user from the retail service provider (RSP).

Since the offer really only applies to a very small niche of people — people who can access the NBN but haven’t yet for whatever reason ⁠— it’s gonna be a bit hard to wiggle your way onto this one if you’ve already been on the network for some time. But if you’ve been putting it off because you’ve had a number of alternatives, this is a great life gift.

Merry bloody Christmas.

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