Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: How to properly shut down a Windows 10 PC, Netflix’s October lineup, top baby names in Australia. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. MALWARE ALERT: Update These Android Phones ASAP
    Researchers at Google have discovered a new zero-day exploit in Android that has the potential to infect millions of devices. The vulnerability is located in the kernel of the OS and has already been used by bad actors in the wild.
  2. How Real Estate Agents Assess Prospective Tenants
    Prospective tenants need to make a good impression on the real estate agent who will decide who gets to rent the property. Here are six factors that can help or hinder your chances of getting approved.
  3. Australia Is Inching Closer To A Negative Interest Rate: Here’s What That Means
    If you haven’t heard already, the Australian economy is in a bit of a slump with slowing growth and stagnating wages. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is considering bold strategies to help alleviate the worsening situation – and it might result in Australians getting paid to borrow money via negative interest rates. It’s all a bit confusing so here’s what we know.
  4. SHOPPER ALERT: Black Friday Just Came Early At Big W
    Big W is slashing prices to survive. The company recently announced plans to shut down 30 stores around the country, with the first outlets set to close their doors in the west of Sydney. Perhaps not unrelatedly, Big W is throwing a big online clearance sale with up to 95% off select products. Here are the links to the best deals!
  5. Everything Coming To Australian Netflix This Week
    After a relatively quiet few weeks, Netflix Australia is bringing out the big guns tonight, with a stack of new and returning Netflix Originals arriving on the service. It’s also adding a bumper-crop of new third-party movies to its library. Here’s the full list!
  6. Report: Windows 10 Just Screwed The Pooch (Again)
    Microsoft has done it again. The latest cumulative updates to Windows 10 are reportedly causing major system-breaking bugs. Areas affected this time include boot-up, printing, Windows Search and even the Start Menu. Here’s what we know so far.
  7. Taste Test: Hungry Jack’s Plant-Based Rebel Whopper
    The Rebel Whopper is Hungry Jack’s first stab at a plant-based burger for the Australian market. Made from a mixture of legumes and natural oils, it’s being billed as a cruelty-free alternative to traditional meat. But how does it taste?
  8. BINGE ALERT: Netflix Just Added A Stack Of Great ContentThis week, Netflix Australia increased its premium plan pricing by $2 a month. In a bid to take some of the sting out, it’s dropping 11 new Netflix Originals onto the service this long weekend – including the highly-anticipated Raising Dion. Here’s the full list!
  9. The Best Features Coming In Windows 10 Version 1909It’s almost time for Microsoft’s semi-annual Windows 10 system update. Unlike the smaller, routine updates Windows 10 gets throughout the year, the April and October updates are when we get new features and see the largest changes to the ever-evolving OS.
  10. How To Watch The Bathurst 1000 Live And Free In Australia
    It’s been nigh on 60 years since the first ‘Great Race’ in Bathurst’s Mount Panorama. On October 10, a new generation of drivers will test their mettle on the one of Australia’s toughest Supercar circuits: the Bathurst 1000. Here’s how to watch the race live, free and online in Australia.


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