The Best Features Coming In Windows 10 Version 1909

It’s almost time for Microsoft’s semi-annual Windows 10 system update. Unlike the smaller, routine updates Windows 10 gets throughout the year, the April and October updates are when we get new features and see the largest changes to the ever-evolving OS.

While smaller in scope than some of the previous updates of its kind, this month’s update, version 1909 (previously 19H2 for Windows Insiders), will add new shortcuts and options for managing your Windows 10 app, as well as easier calendar editing features, and it paves the way for better third-party AI assistant integration — such as Alexa or Google Assistant — on Windows 10.

Here are all the changes you can expect to see once Windows 10 version 1909 hits your PC.

New notification settings and shortcuts

  • A new “Manage notifications” shortcut has been added to the Action Centre.

  • Individual notifications will now include a link that takes you directly to that specific app’s notifications settings. There are also new icons for specific notification types.

  • Microsoft has added new options in the Notifications Settings page that lets you mute apps individually, or all at once.

Other changes in Windows 10 version 1909

Aside from notifications, users will also notice some other helpful changes after installing the version 1909 update:

  • You can now add events directly to the quick-access calendar without having to open the main Calendar app. The quick-creation tools let you name and label events, and add times and locations. There is also a new shortcut to open the main calendar app.

  • The search tool in file explorer has been updated, and will now include OneDrive files in search results

  • Hovering over the Start Menu’s sidebar options will display tooltip text.

  • You can now voice-control third-party AI assistants from the lock screen (though none currently support this).

  • Assistants and the Narrator accessibility feature can now tell if the Function (“FN”) key is pressed on devices that have it.

  • Improved battery life and power efficiency for some devices.

  • A few other more technical changes for enterprise users.

How to install Windows 10 version 1909

No firm date has been set for Windows 10 version 1909 official release, but Windows Insiders can access an early version of the update right now. Those who wait for the public version will need to manually install version 1909, as Windows no longer automatically installs new feature updates.

To check for new updates, open the Start menu on your PC and click the gear-shaped icon to open the Settings menu. In the settings menu, go to Update & Security > Window Update, and click “Download” once the update is live.


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