Cardamaro Makes The Perfect Spring Spritz

A lot of people like to drink hot alcohol in cold weather, but I am not one of those people. Warming myself internally while wearing a thick, fuzzy sweater makes me sweaty — and panicky — which is why I keep my cocktails cold and guzzle-able, no matter the weather.

Editor’s Note: You can purchase Cardamaro from a variety of online sellers, including here.

For a flawless spring spritz, you’ll need a bit of Cardamaro. In spite of what its name might imply, the vermouth-like liqueur is not cardamum-flavoured. It’s made with cardoon and blessed thistle, two artichoke relatives that give the mascato-based aperitif an earthy, foresty flavour. If you’ve ever tried Cynar and thought “I almost like this,” you will most likely love Cardamaro and its slightly syrupy dried fruit sensibility. Mix it with an apple-y white wine and high-quality ginger beer, and you have a most autumnal spritz. To make it, you will need:

  • 60mL chilled white wine (look for one that has “green apple” in the tasting notes)

  • 30mL Cardamaro

  • 60mL chilled ginger beer

Add the first two ingredients to a lowball with a big ice cube (or a handful of small cubes) and give it a little stir. Add the ginger beer, slightly stir once more, and garnish with an apple slice if you’re feeling twee. Guzzle and repeat as needed.


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