This Is The Only Way To Throw Away Dirty Tissues

This Is The Only Way To Throw Away Dirty Tissues
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The bad news is, I’ve been disposing of my son’s dirty, germy tissues wrong for the whole first half of his childhood. The good news is, some things are about to change around here.

When my kid gets sick, he blows his nose. A lot. And this is what the end table next to our couch usually looks like:

ImageIf this were not staged, there would be a bunch of Legos mixed in, too. (Photo: Meghan Moravcik Walbert)

Then I’ve got to decide: Do I waste yet another clean tissue to protect my hands from snot while I pick up the pile? Or do I go straight in, barehanded, and wash my hands for the 28th time that day? 

Ahhhh, but no more, thanks to a wonderful parent in our Offspring Facebook Group who showed us a better way! THIS is what a cold is going to look like from now on:

ImagePhoto: Meghan Moravcik Walbert
ImagePhoto: Meghan Moravcik Walbert

These boxes are rubber-banded together, but you could also tape them together if you can’t find bands big enough to go around both of them.

Are kids going to get every single dirty tissue into the empty box? Well, my kid will because he tends to be precise in these ways. Yours may still leave a stray balled-up germfest here or there, but still — it’s going to be an improvement.

Now, I’m not advocating to throw away that box when they’re all done. That’s recyclable (after you remove the plastic liner). But you can open it up on one side and dump all the dirties straight into the trashcan once the germs have relinquished control of your home.


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