One Of Windows 10’s Best Productivity Tools Is Finally Getting An Update

Microsoft has been drip-feeding new updates into Windows 10 for years but one feature, the Snip & Sketch tool, has been neglected for far too long. Until now, that is.

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An upcoming Windows 10 build, codenamed 18950 and released on the Insider Preview, has shown the tool is getting three new features.

Firstly, there will soon be a ‘single window mode’. Windows recognises it takes us more than a few tries to get the perfect screen capture so in the upcoming build, you’ll be able to choose the option of having all your captures in a single window rather than multiples you then need to close.

Also to be added is the new zoom feature allowing you to enlarge or minimise screen captures easier in order to crop out the stuff you don’t need. To save yourself an extra second of life, the CTRL+Plus, CTRL+Minus and Ctrl+Mouse wheel commands will be supported.

Finally, there’s also the handy WIN+Shift+S command to take screenshots instantly. Pressing that command, in our case, will cast a white hue over the screen and you just need to select the area you want to capture and it will instantly copy. Then you just need to paste it to Paint or some other program in order to save it. This update just means you don’t need to open the app up first in order to do it.

The three changes will be rolling out separately across app version 10.1907.2064.0 so while some might receive one update, the other two might not yet be available.

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