Declutter Your Home With A ‘Table Sale’

If you’re looking for the decluttering satisfaction of having a yard sale while avoiding the hassle of actually staging one, I have discovered the perfect in-between event: Have your friends over for a table sale.

Amy Sedaris describes a table sale in an interview with Money, and it’s so smart that I can’t wait to host one.

She uses her dining room table as her storefront and explains how it works:

As someone who has hosted many clothing swaps and more than a few yard sales, I see several benefits to the table sale model.

You get rid of stuff

You get rid of stuff you’re not using, and give your friends a chance to scoop it up before you load your car for a trip to the charity drop-off. Also, there’s more flexibility with what you can unload. The local charity shop is not going to accept a half-finished bottle of flavoured vodka or the bag of coffee beans you opened.

You make some money

You make a little cash. Thanks for the dollars (or quarters, or whatever), friends.

It’s not just a free-for-all

If something’s free, you’re way more likely to say, “I bet I can find a way to use this.” By putting a monetary value, no matter how small, on the items you’re offering, you make your friends think twice about whether they really want to bring that item into their home.

You can make it fun 

You get to hang out with your friends. Throw some break-and-bake cookie dough in the oven, put on some music, and chill while your friends paw through your stuff with only a fraction of the judgment of a stranger browsing your front stoop. Everyone loves a cheap social event, and your closets, drawers, and cabinets will thank you for this one.


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