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Do You Need a Financial Therapist?

There’s a growing push for more financial literacy in schools, but one of the barriers to financial stability or growing wealth may have nothing to do with knowledge. In fact, some money problems may stem from past trauma or beliefs from childhood. These beliefs — which financial psychology pioneers Drs….

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There’s Still Time to Claim Your Missing Stimulus for Dependents In The U.S.

While many Americans are eager for U.S. Congress to pass the next relief package — and a second stimulus check — some folks are still missing their first payment. Fortunately, the IRS has been actively working on ways to fix this. Last week, the IRS announced a new registration period…

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Why Your Net Worth Isn’t the Most Important Number

In personal finance your net worth gets a lot of attention, and for good reason — it’s basically your financial report card. You can calculate your net worth — or statement of financial position — by subtracting your total debt from your total assets.