10 Things I Learned Getting Eyebrow Tattoos

10 Things I Learned Getting Eyebrow Tattoos
Image: POPSUGAR Australia

As a lady who is seriously lacking in the eyebrow department, brow tattooing has always fascinated me. I’ve always been very wary of permanent beauty solutions, and usually err on the side of caution when it comes to doing something that’s going to last a really long time.

After poring over every DIY tip and trick out there, I finally threw caution to the wind and got two tattoos – on my face! Fortunately, I love them. Here’s everything I learned from the experience.

Last year, I went to see the brow guru Amy Jean from Amy Jean Eye Couture and got to experience first-hand her amazing Feather Touch Tattoo technique. In this artistic-style brow feathering tattoo, a row of needles is used to hand-draw in each brow hair, then a dye is applied on top and allowed to absorb into the small incisions.

This is done three to five times until it looks perfect. This means if a mistake is made, you can just not apply the dye to this area — in other words, it’s almost impossible get it wrong (phew). Even though I knew this, to say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement.

With that in mind, here are all the things you need to know before you commit to getting this done for yourself. After nearly a year my brows are still looking defined, the brow strokes have faded a little, but they look really natural and I have to say I’m super happy with the results — I’ll definitely be getting a touch-up in six to nine months.

#1 Not everyone is a candidate

10 Things I Learned Getting Eyebrow TattoosImage: POPSUGAR Australia

As you can see from my before shot (on top) my brows were naturally sparse and fair — meaning I was a good candidate for this treatment as I could really benefit from the bespoke and precision results (as you can see in my after shot below).

#2 Results vary

Just like a regular tattoo, every skin takes to pigments differently. This means your results might look different to someone else’s. That’s the beauty of the bespoke treatment, Amy Jean will adjust the dye or depth so you get the results you want.

#3 It’s an investment

10 Things I Learned Getting Eyebrow TattoosImage: Amy Jean Eye Couture

For a more permanent brow solution, that looks amazing, it’s going to come at a cost. To get the Feather Touch Brow Tattoo at Amy Jean Eye Couture prices start from $995 (available Australia wide with pop-up parlours in New York, Paris and Milan).

#4 Your brows will go through an itchy stage

Just like any other healing tattoo, there’s that awkward itchy, scab stage. But you can only see a bit of dry skin, and you must resist the itch!

#5 It takes a moment to get used to your new look

Especially when you’re bare faced and used to seeing defined brows only when you’re fully made up. Also, get used to using a little less makeup — your brows are already good to go!

They don’t last forever

10 Things I Learned Getting Eyebrow TattoosImage: POPSUGAR Australia

You need to get touch-ups every 12-18 months to make the look last and stay fresh. As your skin cell turnover on your face is much faster than on other parts of your body, your skin can ‘push’ the pigment out at different rates.

#7 You’ll need a follow up appointment

Amy Jean insists on a touch-up/perfecting appointment four to six weeks after your initial treatment. This allows her to deepen or lighten the next strokes, so your brows look like they’re a mix of different shades, i.e. a seriously natural-looking result.

10 Things I Learned Getting Eyebrow TattoosImage: POPSUGAR Australia

Here are my brows after my first touch-up appointment (in the middle) and at eight weeks (at the bottom). You can see how they’re perfectly even now and still totally natural-looking.

#8 Be gentle after your treatment

You’ll need to apply a barrier healing cream for a week after your treatment — this helps the healing process. You’ll also need to stay away from harsh exfoliation and cleansing steps to let your new tattoos settle.

#9 It doesn’t hurt

No, really. To be honest, I tried not to really think about it before I went for my appointment, but I needn’t have worried. You will spend the first 30-60 minutes in the waiting room with a topical anaesthetic on your brow area so it goes completely numb. Just prepare yourself for the noise, you can hear the needles cutting your skin — if this freaks you out just bring some earphones!

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  • These ones are okay. The ones i see where they get a solid black line tatooed look like absolute lunatics and sometimes you wonder if they just took a black sharpie and drew their eyebrows on.

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