• Why Do We Get Tattoos?

    Why Do We Get Tattoos?

    Why are people drawn to the idea of getting permanently inked? We consulted artists, psychologists and those who get tattoos to find out.

  • All The Ways To (Legally) Dispose Of A Dead Body

    So much of death is a mystery, between how and when we’re going to go, if there’s anything beyond the grave – you know, all the pleasant stuff. But while a lot of this is out of our control, there is one aspect of our impending deaths that we usually can choose: what happens to…

  • Dr Pico Versus The Dragon Tattoo [Part 2]

    Over the past three months, “Dr. Pico” has been engaging in a furious battle with an ugly blue dragon called Spyro. His weapon of choice is a picosecond aesthetic laser — the perfect tool to combat dragons made out of ink. Can he emancipate the innocent lady held in its clutches? Click on the video…