Dealhacker: $350 Off Samsung Galaxy Note 9 At Woolworths Mobile

Woolworths Mobile has slashed the price of its Samsung Galaxy Note 9 plans. The overall saving works out to a cool $350 over the length of your contract, with four different plans to choose from. Here are the details!

Woolworths Mobile is effectively knocking $350 off the Note 9 when you sign up to one of a 24-month plan. The standard plan will set you back $67.86 per month which includes the handset repayments. However, it only comes with 5GB of data.

For our money, the $77.86 plan is much better value as it comes with 12GB – which should be enough to get most people through the month without resorting to data top-ups. If you’re willing to pay an extra $20 per month, the 40GB plan could also be worth a look.

Here’s the full range of Woolies Note 9 plans:

The plans above all come with data rollover and a 10GB data bonus every three months. Naturally, unlimited Standard National talk and text is also included.

There are 36-month plans available too, which shaves over $15 off the monthly pricing. (Just bear in mind that you’ll be locked in to a three-year contract which is a long time for a mobile phone plan.)

For a better idea of how much you can save, here are the cheapest Galaxy Note 9 plans from Australia’s major telcos:

The offer ends on June 30. If you’ve had your eye on the Note 9 and don’t mind being stuck on a 24-month contract, this is a decent little deal.


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