Employee Poll: Managers Suck And Don’t Respect Us

Employee Poll: Managers Suck And Don’t Respect Us
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How do you feel about work at the moment? According to some new research, more of us are closer to telling the boss to take their job and shove it than at any other time over the last five years. Low staff morale and burnout are behind the drop in workplace sentiment – and a lot of it is tied to a perceived lack of respect.

One of the measures used to gauge workplace sentiment, according to Gartner, is the willingness to go above and beyond at work. Gartner calls this ‘discretionary effort levels’. With this metric dropping to the lowest point since 2014, Gartner concludes that without change the workforce simply cannot give any more.

The key reasons for this drop in workplace satisfaction stem from how people are being treated at work. Gartner’s data shows that the number one reason employees cite for leaving their job is a lack of respect. That rose seven places in Q1 2019 to become the leading driver of attrition among Australian workers. This was followed by manager quality, up two places.

Australian employees’ intent to stay fell 8 per cent, while active job seeking increased by 5.6 per cent. It seems that we’re becoming more likely to leave a job than stick around in the hope things will get better or simply riding out harder times.

At a number of tech events I’ve attended over the last year, there’s been an increased focus on turning the spotlight inwards. While there’s been a lot of effort made to use data and analytics to better understand customers and AI, machine learning and automation used to better service clients, smart businesses are doing the same internally.

Streamlining day to day processes and automating the repetitive and mundane tasks in workers’ days is a good way of helping them get more from their job. Decluttering the crappy tasks and processes not only boosts productivity but allows people to work on more satisfying tasks and to engage in professional development.

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