This Is How You Make Perfect Vegemite On Toast

This Is How You Make Perfect Vegemite On Toast

Vegemite. You can’t be middling on Australia’s favourite spread — you either love the stuff or subsist on pretenders like strawberry jam or Nutella. But is there something we can do to take our Vegemite excursions to the next level, to explore the delicious world beyond the basics of bread, butter and ‘mite? You and I both know there is.

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Understandably, finding a definitive source for the absolute best way to have one’s Vegemite is rather difficult. We all have our own, preferred method of ingesting our leftover yeast extract.

Sure, the official Vegemite website has an array of things you can do with its product, but come on: a bit spread on buttered toast will always be number one.

So let’s go with that. How can we improve upon this simple, efficient and overall scrumptious recipe? The trick is to enhance, not override.

4. Keep it simple

This Is How You Make Perfect Vegemite On ToastImage: huonoliver / Instagram

Anyone remember this monstrosity? The work of Core Espresso cafe in Newcastle, the $7 “deconstructed” Vegemite toast was (justifiably) laughed off the internet.

It’s bloody Vegemite. On toast. With a bit of butter. Probably a little cheese. Leave the gastronomical experimentation to Heston Blumenthal.

3. Get the right bread

This Is How You Make Perfect Vegemite On ToastAll this artisanal crap? Forget it. Image: PxHere

You can use any old slice as a platform of salty goodness (that sounded better in my head), but it doesn’t hurt to grab a complementary loaf (again, better in my head), something that will best match Vegemite’s savoury tone.

For instance, Abbott’s Sensations range of breads, including its Sun-dried Tomate & Basil and Pumpkin, Sunflower Seed & Caramelised Onion can add some zest with minimal effort.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sourdough, light rye or even wholemeal. Anything to help your Vegemite kick your mouth’s arse (I have to stop).

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2. One topping to rule them all

This Is How You Make Perfect Vegemite On ToastImage: Khamtran / Wikimedia

Cheese. It’s cheese. It will always be cheese.

OK, I’m willing to entertain avocado, but only to a point. At the end of all things, when Sam’s cradling Frodo atop a melting rock in a sea of magma, he’s not going to go “Mr. Baggins, sir, would you like a bit of avocado on your Vegemite and lembas bread, sir?”

No. That would never happen.

The only real question is whether to grill. Honestly, cold cheese just works for some reason, though it helps if the bread is still a bit warm from the toaster. And it shouldn’t be a thick slice… it should be slightly transparent when held to the light.

Ultimately, the amount of time you have will be the deciding factor. 10 or more minutes? Grill. Otherwise, cold’s fine.

1. Don’t go overboard

The number one mistake Vegemite neophytes make is using a great big blob of the black stuff, taking a bite and wondering where all the moisture in their mouth has gone. Experts agree that only a tiny layer is required for optimal tastiness.

You can go a bit mad with the butter if you like (keeping caloric intake in check), especially if you want to balance out Vegemite’s boldness. It’s even been suggested to me to add a second spreading of butter on top of the Vegemite one, creating a sort of butter sandwich.

It sounds like a violation of tip #4 to me, but hey, I can get behind a mellower flavour.

Any tips of your own for the perfect Vegemite and toast formulation? Personally, I’m keen to hear ideas for the best type of cheese to use.

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  • No one I know eats the stuff and all I could find on how many people actually buy it was a 2012 article from time magazine on how it was struggling because sales were dropping so much.
    I’ve seen the 9 or 8 out of 10 households thing kicked around a bit but no where that actually backs up this figure.

  • My ex used to like poached eggs on Vegemite toast, i could never get into it. But i can happily eat Vegemite with a spoon (so i like thick spread of it), although the chocolate Vegemite block was awful.

    But i should be the last to criticise peoples tastes, i love tomato sauce on fruit loaf/hot cross buns (with ample butter too), after all tomato is a fruit.

  • Thick slice white sourdough (as thick as your toaster can accomodate), toasted medium brown, IMMEDIATELY apply butter (NOT margarine), then add Vegemite. Consume immediately. Glorious.

  • Vegemite, with all its hops, smells like beer, a most unpleasant aroma to deal with. The sweet and sour taste of Promite has been our favourite for decades. Spread on hot toast with avocado. Yumm.

  • Is it bad to take a decent size on a butter knife and just lick it off? Bread, butter just dilute that lovely malt and celery taste.

    Otherwise crumpets, but Vegemite first, and butter on top so that the black gold melts into the holes with the butter.

    I was very happy when Bega bought it back to Australian hands.

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