Quickly Summarize A Long Online Article Into A Few Sentences With This Site

When an article is just a few hundred words like this one, you probably have a few minutes to read it. When you open up an article thinking it’s a few hundred and it’s actually several thousand, your time might be a bit more limited.

I Lazy to Read” is an online app that can take that epically long article and still it down to five key sentences and insights.

You’re obviously not going to get all the content in the article this way, but if you just want to get a quick overview of what a longer piece might be about, it can be a simple way to do that.

To use the site you just copy and paste the URL of the story you’d like summarized into a box on the site and press “Generate.”

From my personal tests, the results worked great for truly long pieces of writing, and significantly less great for shorter ones.

For instance, earlier this weekend I wrote about my newfound love of ‘Sonics,’ an alternative to drinking straight tonic or soda water in a cocktail. The article is under 500 words, which caused some confusion for the bot which pulled in some of the info from another article as a key point for mine.

When I put in a much longer Washington Post article, the results were significantly better, and after reading both the original article and the summary, pretty spot on.

While it’s definitely not a replacement for reading a full article, the site can come in handy when you want to get the gist of something quickly.


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