These Competing Huawei P30 Pro Plans Are Pretty Damn Tasty

These Competing Huawei P30 Pro Plans Are Pretty Damn Tasty
Image: Huawei
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Huawei’s P30 Pro is a really impressive camera that also happens to be a smartphone. I’ve been using mine for about three weeks now and it still wows me a little every day. When you’re looking at the pics it captures, it’s very easy to forget they were taken on a phone.

Fortunately, it’s extremly easy to get your hands on one at a reasonable price thanks to the huge number of competing plans on offer. Here are the cheapest Huawei P30 Pro deals that you need to know about.

The P30 Pro is available from Huawei’s Amazon store for $1598 – which is $22 off the RRP. But for people who can’t afford to drop that kind of money upfront, your best bet is to grab the phone on a plan.

The good news is that you’ve got more options than ever this time around. Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone are all ranging the P30 Pro, which makes it the first Huawei phone to show up at every major telco for quite some time. Thanks to competitive pricing, you can pick it up on a data-packed plan for under $100 a month – which is rare for a flagship smartphone.

Here’s a look at each telco’s best plan:

We’d say the best bang-for-buck deal around right now comes from Optus. $95 per month gets you the P30 Pro, 50GB, and the standard Optus fare of unlimited talk and text, an Optus Sport subscription, and data-free music streaming through Spotify and Google Play Music. It’s also worth noting that Optus is ranging the dual SIM P30 Pro variant. Every other telco only has the single SIM model.

If you’d prefer Telstra coverage and don’t need quite as much data, Big T’s $99 per month P30 Pro plan with 20GB isn’t a bad deal, all things considered. If you wanted to get an iPhone XS or Galaxy S10+ on the same Telstra plan, you’d pay $125 and $119 per month, respectively. Considering the P30 Pro has a similar outright price to both these devices, getting it for as much as $26 per month less is a bargain.

Vodafone’s plans are uncharacteristically pricey this time around: you’re still looking at over $100 per month for the cheapest P30 Pro plan, which only includes 6GB. If you do want to go with Vodafone, its 50GB plan is your best bet. After the company’s loyalty discount is applied, you’re looking at $104.12 per month. You’ll also get a bonus pair of Huawei FreeBuds, valued at $199.

Of course, Vodafone plans can offer a lot more flexibility. If you grab your P30 Pro through Vodafone, your P30 Pro will be contract-free on the basis that if you want to leave, you can do so whenever you want. You’ll just need to pay out the remaining value of your phone. You can also pay off your phone over 36 months if you’d prefer a lower monthly bill. And Vodafone’s $5 per day roaming is still easily the best way to travel overseas with your Australian SIM.

Looking for something else? Here’s the full range of 24-month Huawei P30 Pro plans from Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone (please note the Vodafone table excludes the telco’s loyalty discount, which you may be eligible for):

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