Seven Surprising Things You Can Claim On Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of those things that you really should have, especially for international trips. And while it can add a few dollars to cost of a holiday, the peace of mind it provides should something go pear-shaped is well worth it. But aside from cancelling your trip or needing medical assistance, there are several other things you could claim through travel insurance.

Insurance provider InsureandGo says these are some of the things you can claim for through your travel insurance.

  1. If you’re on a cruise and unable to leave your cabin because of illness your insurer may be able to cover any expenses incurred.
  2. If you have to cancel your trip because your home was burgled, you were made redundant at work, or you were called for jury duty, will allow you to claim the cost of most of your travel bookings, including airfares. This is why you should get your instance to cover you from the time you make the booking and not just as you’re leaving.
  3. If you have to cut your travel insurance policy should reimburse you for any travel bookings you were not able to make use of.
  4. You could be covered for smaller overseas medical claims, even a doctor’s visit or medicine and not just major medical treatments or surgeries. And while excesses might not make that worthwhile, on a no-excess policy even small claims may be worthwhile.
  5. If you’re on a cruise and the ship misses a stop you should be able to receive compensation for each missed port. And you should also be covered for the costs of any pre-booked costs such as land tours that you are unable to partake in.
  6. If you’re heading to a special event and the travel service lets you down, additional travel costs to get you to the wedding, funeral or other even can be covered to try to get you to your event on time
  7. If you’re an adventurer seeking a change from traditional holiday activities, there are many weird and wonderful activities you could be insured for in the case of an injury. Activities like zorbing – the recreational activity of rolling downhill inside an orb, mud-buggying and camel, elephant and ostrich riding may also be covered.


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