Optus Has Some New NBN Plans... And They're Not Great

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Optus is spruiking a new range of migratory NBN plans that purport to offer faster speeds and "Optus perks" to customers upgrading from regular broadband. However, when compared to equivalent NBN plans from rival telcos, the overall value isn't that great.

Optus has added three new fixed NBN plans to its lineup, two of which come bundled with a free phone line. Prices start at $85 a month which gets you unlimited calls, unlimited data and typical evening speeds of 40Mbps. There's also a broadband-only plan that will set you back $85, plus a $200 start-up fee for the first month.

The new plans include a free Optus Sport subscription. The $99 option comes bundled with a Fetch Mighty set top box and access to one premium channel pack, but otherwise offers the same inclusions (even the speeds are the same.) The $85 and $99 plans are available on 24-month contracts which works out to a minimum total spend of $2139 and $2475, respectively.

While these aren't the worst prices we've seen, there's not much to crow about either. When we ran Australia's best-value NBN plans through the interactive table below (based on speed and price), Optus failed to make the top ten. See for yourself:

Best NBN 50 plans

(Click on the 'Go' button to learn more about each plan.)

Best NBN 100 plans

(Click on the 'Go' button to learn more about each plan.)

Many of the plans listed above offer faster speeds for less money. For example, Tangerine's XXL Speed Boost plan currently costs $30 less than Optus yet provides typical evening speeds of 83Mbps.

To be fair to Optus, some of the plans in the table above do not come bundled with a landline phone number. You also need to factor in telco reliability, your geographic location and whether you want a subscription to Optus Sport.

But when it comes to pure bang-for-buck, the above plans all offer a superior deal - whether you sign up to a contract or pay month-to-month.


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