YouTube Roundup: Last Week’s Best Online Videos

Here are last week’s best online videos, including: Carmen Sandiego trailer, Watership Down 2018 vs 1978, Blind Speed Dating, Disney’s Biggest Disasters and heaps more!

Carmen Sandiego official trailer

Watership Down 2018 VS.1978

Film Theory: Disney’s Biggest Disasters

Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

Ninja Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions

2019 Tech I’m Ready For – Marques Brownlee

Dude Perfect Rewind 2018

Honest Trailers – Venom

Stranger Things: Season 3 | Date Announcement

Sydney welcomes in 2019 with celebratory fireworks

Disney World

Everything Wrong With The Meg

The iPad Pro Is Bending. I’m Not Happy.


The WORST Steaks Served On Kitchen Nightmares

Us – Official Trailer


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