First Look: Check Out These Real-Life Samsung Galaxy S10 Images

Over the past few weeks there have been numerous leaks that purport to show what the Samsung Galaxy S10 will look like. However, most of these have been digital renders or advertising mockups of uncertain origin.

Today’s leaked photos are different. They reveal what appears to be a working production model of the Galaxy S10 running Samsung’s One UI operating system. And it looks pretty fantastic.

The photos above and below were shared by Twitter user Gregory Blake in response to a tweet from serial phone leaker Ice Universe. The depicted phone is clearly running Samsung’s latest take on Android software – One UI – which the company is currently prepping for release on all Galaxy devices. This is essentially an advanced Android skin that uses larger icons and a more intuitive layout for easier access to tools and applications.

The images also show off a ‘Blockchain keychain store’ which will presumably allow users to make cryptocurrency transactions directly from their phone. The ‘supported cryptocurrency’ window only shows Ethereum but we’re willing to bet more will be added prior to launch. To be honest, we’re not sure how much use the average user would get out of this function, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.

On the hardware side, you can clearly see the “hole punch” camera which is expected to replace the notch on most handsets in 2019. While it’s not quite as subtle as we’d hoped, it’s definitely less obtrusive than its still-lingering predecessor. (It’s worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ model is expected to come with two front-facing cameras – so expect that hole punch to be even bigger.)

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Samsung One UI: What It Is (And How To Get It)” excerpt=”It’s no secret that smartphone makers like to add their own embellishments to Android. Unfortunately, a lot of those extras don’t really add to the experience. Samsung’s new One UI has raised the bar however, showing that ‘custom’ doesn’t have to mean ‘worse’. Here’s what you need to know.”]

According to previous reports, the standard Galaxy S10 will boast a 6.1-inch display and pack in three rear-cameras, including a wide angle and telephoto lens. It will be powered by a next-gen Exynos 9820 CPU. You’ll be able to get it in 128GB or 512GB capacities. Look out for the official reveal on February 20!


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