Today I Discovered There Are Only Four McNugget Shapes And I Literally Can’t Even

Everybody loves a cheeky chicken McNugget now and again. Perhaps, even, multiple McNuggets. Today I learnt that, for all the McNuggets I’ve ever eaten in my life, McDonald’s only produces nuggets in four different shapes: The Bell, The Bow-Tie, The Boot and The Ball.

Mind. Blown.

Rumours have swirled for years that the humble McDonald’s Chicken McNugget is made from pink slime – a rumour that was quashed by a (frankly, excellent) piece of marketing that McDonald’s Canada did back in 2012 where they answered questions from all their consumers. If you’re wondering, the humble nugg is not made from pink goop.

Over the years Macca’s has answered all sorts of questions, but perhaps my favourite for its sheer absurdity is the fact that the McNugget only ever comes in four shapes.

Now, I guess you never really study a nugget before you chuck it in your gob, but if you did, you’d notice that it only ever falls into one of four categories. The McNugget shapes are, unsurprisingly, cut with a rolling cookie cutter but it’s the reason for the four shapes that is truly … weird.

McDonald’s press statement about the nugget shapes are truly bizarre – like they’re all in on one big battered-chicken joke.

Why only four shapes?

Because three is not enough and five would just be “wacky”.

McDonald’s are you taking the absolute deep-fried piss here?

The best part is, Macca’s Canada have answered even more pointed questions about the McNugget and their shapes and it all comes back to food safety. According to Mickey D’s the reason that the nuggets are shaped in such a specific way is for food safety.

Yep, there’s actually a reason MCNuggets are shaped the way they are: To cook more evenly.

Okay, okay – yes, we aren’t living in Canada, I know – so what does your local Macca’s think of Chicken McNuggets? Well, Macca’s AU assures you, their nuggs are made from aged chickens and not the baby ones.

Doesn’t make ’em taste any better though.

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