You Can Still Get 24 Chicken Nuggets From McDonald's For $7.84! [Updated]

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The Chicken McNugget is an icon. Tender, juicy chicken breast in a crisp tempura coating? Sign me up. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. And if you order through the mymacca's app, you can get 24 chicken nuggets from McDonald's for just $7.84!

McDonald's is currently offering 24 chicken nuggets for $9.95. The deal comes with your choice of four sauces. (You can choose between Sweet 'n Sour, Barbecue, Garlic Aioli, Mayonnaise or Ketchup). If you use the mymacca's app, which you can download on the App Store or the Play Store you are eligible for an extra 25% off. You will have to have registered with the mymacca's before the 25% off deal appears on the app homepage.

However, the 25% discount requires a $10 minimum spend, so to get those 24 Chicken McNuggets down to $7.84, you will have to add an extra sauce for 50 cents.

Once your 25% discount has been applied, you'll be neck-deep in coated chicken goodness. In theory, if you didn't want to add the extra sauce, you could even add TWO 24 packs of Chicken McNuggets to your cart and get 48 Chicken McNuggets for $14.92. What a time to be alive.

Originally, the deal was supposed to end on Wednesday August 23, but this has been pushed to August 30. That means you have three more days to go nugg wild! Just remember that if you're ordering before 10 30am, Chicken McNuggets are not on the breakfast menu.

Now, if only I had some Szechuan sauce...



    KFC has 15 wicked wings for $10. Much better deal!

    Maccas nuggets have somewhat lost their appeal for me since the untimely demise of the sweet mustard sauce.

    Who needs 24 nuggets before 10.30am? Not that I'm judging, mind :)

    Trick for visiting KFC.
    Ask for sauce after paying.
    Then at the 2nd window, ask again. You'll come away with at least 3 for free.

    but whats the point since they discontinued sweet mustard sauce :(

      THIS! SO MUCH THIS!!!! Fuck the szechuan sauce hype and disappointment. THEY KILLED THE FUCKING MUSTARD!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????????
      MC CUNTS!!!!

      Also this deal would be great if the fucking app ever worked. All I ever get is a white screen with 2 rectangles in the middle of the screen that do nothing. :\

    There is nowhere in the app to select the 24 nugget deal.

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