Our Favourite 2018 Technology Hacks For Parents

Our Favourite 2018 Technology Hacks For Parents

Sometimes it seems like our kids can already navigate technology better than we can. They have the advantage of growing up with tablets and laptops and smart phones at their disposal, while we remember how you used to have to press the #5 on our flip phones three times to get to the letter “L.” (It was annoying, even then.)

But we’re not ready to throw the towel in yet. Because some of the latest and greatest technology out there isn’t really for them — it’s for us. And it can make parenting a whole lot easier.

This collection of gadgets


From the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, we picked five of our favourite new gadgets for parents, including a fertility tracker, an Alexa-powered baby monitor, a hands-free breast pump, an interactive toothbrush and a comfort duck.

The anti-smartphone

ImagePhoto: Republic Wireless

You want to be able to reach your kid when she’s not with you, but you’re NOT ready to allow her to dive into the world of smart phones. This little gadget works less like a smart phone and more like a walkie-talkie.

The Alexa just for kids

ImagePhoto: Amazon

It tells knock-knock jokes, can decipher “kid speak” and gives thoughtful responses to questions about everything from Santa to bullying to how babies are made.

Also, regular Alexa

ImageFabian Hurnaus, Pexels” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Fabian Hurnaus, Pexels

Alexa can do a lot, but did you know it can:

Apps and websites you want

Apps and websites you don’t want but should know about