What Technology Actually Helps You Raise Your Children?

What Technology Actually Helps You Raise Your Children?
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Everyone knows raising a kid takes a lot of work. While we have a lot of technology to help us out nowadays, from bedside monitors to kid-centric tablets, we don’t want to remove the human element of parenting entirely. What technology do you use to help you parent, and how do you ensure it helps more than it hurts?

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US News offers one view of how gadgets ought to be integrated into raising a child:

“Parents should look for baby gear and products that are technology-based that work with their current lifestyle and really will improve their daily life. Some technology may actually add unnecessary steps or maintenance, which most new parents don’t have the time for,” [baby planner Julie] McCaffrey says.

What do you think? Which gadgets and technologies have made parenting easier for you? Share your ideas in the comments.

How to Use Technology to Take Care of a Baby [US News]


  • The tablet. Don’t care which one but they are great. I’ve put some of the kids favorite shows on it and let them watch it sometimes as a treat. Or when we are in a car for a long time.

    Skype. We can have a face to face conversation in the event that I won’t be home till late.

  • The one and only piece of technology that I have used to help monitor kids is a baby monitor. Aside from this one piece of technology you do not need anything else. Period. If you think you have to have a remote video monitor with night vision capability then your kidding yourself.

    Tablets are also not necesary either. I am very against mixing technology with young children as it deprives them of a normal childhood. A 2 year old does not need a tablet/music player, my daughter is quiet happy with pencils and paper. The only time she is allowed to use a tablet is when we are out and I need to keep her occupied, but even then it is only in special circumstances.

    • A ‘normal’ childhood? As in your childhood? The childhood of those who grew up 10 years ago? My childhood growing up in the 80s and 90s? The childhood of the majority of children in the world today aka abject poverty?

      I’m not pro or anti tablet (I have literally zero personal or research evidence) on the topic however this is very shoddy reasoning.

      Conflating normalcy with positive or optimal bheaviours is a very bad analytical misstep.

      I think a more appropriate word can be used for what you actually are trying to convey and proper debate/analysis of your claim can thus follow.

  • We decided a baby monitor was totally unnecessary in our small apartment. Kids cry and we have ears. Learn how to wrap and put a baby to bed properly and keep the room at the right temperature.
    So first up a Gro-egg is brilliant. It’s just a pretty room thermometer that changes colour but it’s quick easy and the kids like the soft glow too.
    The tablet is a godsend. From tracking feeds and sleep cycles. Playing white noise to sooth. Something to do while breastfeeding. Newsgroups and Google for info and research.

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